Asset Removal from Web Wallet - Geo-Blocked Countries

I just noticed that I’m in a country that will lose access to the Web Wallet 15-Jan due to geo-blocking.

My assets are currently staked and will require 21 days to unstake and I will lose access before it’s complete.

Could someone please confirm whether I will lose access to my assets becasue of this last minute “public service announcement”? If not, any solutions to avoid this would be extremely welcomed and appreciated.

Which login method do you use to access your wallet?
If it is Keplr or cosmos-ledger app, they can be accessed on or, any other wallets that support persistence using keplr extension or other wallet extensions etc.

If you use keystore file or persistence ledger app then I think best will be migrate asap, wait for others to respond.

I’m using the Persistence One Web Wallet a keystore file. My understanding is I can’t migrate in time, as not enough advance warning was given.

Would a VPN be able to circumnavigate the geo-blocking?

Standing by for other responses.

Thank you

Hi, we are aware of the short notice and we’ll ensure that the migration option remains available for a longer period of time. Potentially that might be via another url, either way, we’ll keep the community informed through our usual channels.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Best regads

Hi dneorej. I am unstaking (1/1/2024) and I am going to run into the same issue. I will have to wait until January 22nd to move to my Keplr wallet from my Persistence One Web Wallet. I am commenting to keep tabs on this thread. I am glad you are ensuring a migration option. Whew!

Hey @cat

You need not unbond tokens and wait 21 days to move your XPRT tokens to a different wallet. Staked XPRT tokens can be transferred directly from pWallet to a new Keplr/Leap/Cosmostation wallet by following this guide.

Additionally, to improve the user experience for XPRT stakers, unbonding requests can now be cancelled at any time during the 21-day unbonding period on Keplr and pWallet. See how by following this guide.

Hope this helps, thanks!

Thank you for the quick response. I will go ahead and unbond then transfer.

You don’t need to unbond to transfer tokens by the way. It is a major pain from a user’s perspective + staking rewards are forfeited during the 21-day unbonding period.

Thank you for the link. The instructions are super simple. I was able to unbond from the Cosmostake Validator, but I get an advisory that I have “Insufficient Validator Bonds” to make a transfer.

Also, I had a large amount that I staked was with, and I get the following advisory when attempting to unbond, “failed to execute message; message index: 0: validator for this address is currently jailed”

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Validator Bond is a self-bond requirement from validators to be able to process these transactions. In case the validator you have delegated to does not have sufficient bond, you can redelegate to on that has it (validators with a non-zero amount of ‘Remaining Liquid Shares Capacity’ on the SmartStake XPRT Validator Bond Dashboard), and follow the same steps again. are not a part of the active set. You can re-delegate to a different validator (one with sufficient validator bond), and follow the same steps.

Having the same issue as cat, I attmpeted to redelegate to another validator (Staking4All) with sufficient Remaining Liquid Shares Remaining before transferring delelgation; however, I receive the following message when attempting the transaction: “failed to execute message; message index: 0: redelegation to this validator already in progress; first redelegation to this validator must complete before next redelegation”. It’s been several hours since the first attempt, and subsequent attempts have produced the same message. I’ve redelegated in the past without encountering this issue. Any ideas?

Is there any other redelegation pending? As the message highlights, can you pls ensure that goes through and try it again? Have you tried redelegating to a different validator?

Not that I’m aware of. None of the redelegations have worked since trying about 36 hours ago. I’ve also tried redelegating to Smart Stake, but am receiving the same message.