"Broadcasting transaction failed with code 32 (codespace sdk)" error when claiming/delegating/unbonding

Keep getting this error message for the last few days and have searched around looking for a solution, but have yet to find one, so here I am. Have been claiming rewards and redelegating them without issue up until now. Since experiencing this error, tried to unbond the XPRT that is staked with the same result. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am also getting this whenever I try to claim or delegate (last 2 days). I am uning wallet.persistence.one
What should I do?

I “fixed” this by using the high fee for claim. After this worked I then was able to use the low fee to delegate!

Yeah, I had almost always been selecting the high fee and then for some reason clicked on the low fee once a few days ago and that’s when it started to not work. I had been trying to claim the awards with the high fee since it had stopped working, but this didn’t initially change anything. I retried it again tonight and it is finally working again! Not sure what the issue was…

Might be due to coin transfer to 118 or as network was haulted during update.
Glad it works now.