Change voting period from 7 to 5 days

As ecosystem participation is picking up, and proposals get voted on by the majority of the community and validators within the first few days, I suggest to reduce the voting period from the current 7 days to 5 days.

Please share your thoughts and opinions here!


I agree with this proposal
5 days can be enought to vote


A thriving ecosystem needs faster decision making. Agreed with the change. Also ok with going to 3-4 days as well.


Totally agree. If everyone is involved and votes come in faster, then sure, 5 days sound good to me!

Thanks for your replies @CosmonautStakes @smartstake @LoulouCrypto

Shall we also change the deposit period from 14 days to 1 day? While we haven’t had many issues with spam proposals yet, this change would mean that spam proposal without deposit are not visible on explorers for longer than 1 day…


This proposal is now live on-chain for voting:

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