Error: Syntax error while reading path component

Hi Guys,

As of today, when claiming rewards, I am getting the error message “Syntax error while reading path component.” I have never gotten this message prior to today. Any suggestions to handle this?



So what good is this is no one answers the question? Where in the hell can I get an answer to this?

Hey I’ve just got this same error while trying to claim.
This is the first time I’ve tried to claim since it came back up. What gives?

hey @itsalltoomuch @paulfl @House.of.G This has been resolved

Now I click on the icon for XPRT on my desk top and I get nothing, What did you do? How do I get to my wallet?

Hi its all fine now thanks.

Hi Puneet,

I logged out and back in to my Persistence account wallet. Now upon login, I am given a choice between logging in to two wallet addresses. The one that is checked by default is a new wallet address that I have not previously seen, and it is empty. My existing wallet address is shown below the first address with a checkbox, but I am not able to select that address. How do I resolve this?

Is there any update to this issue?

Hi there, here you can simply import your existing wallet which used 750 coin type to keplr wallet and use it normally like you did with pWallet previously.