[Governance Proposal - Draft] Param change proposal to increase MaxValidators=75

This is a draft proposal. Please leave any feedbacks/comments on this thread.

The Persistence ecosystem is expanding at a rapid pace. Since genesis, Persistence has proven to be a reliable network maintained and operated by stable validator nodes across the globe. With the launch of pSTAKE and upcoming releases down the pipeline, more developers and node operators are seeking to participate in the network and contribute to the ecosystem.

Cosmostation proposes to increase the active Persistence validator set size from 50 to 75 (MaxValidators=50 to MaxValidators=75). The addition of 25 spots to the active validator set at the current state of the network will be beneficial for healthy participation from the community. Contribution from a more diverse set of validators can strengthen and add more securtiy to the network as the Persistence ecosystem expands.

Cosmostation believes that Persistence has reached a level of maturity to begin accepting a larger set of validators as it has proven its stability over the year.


We totally agree with this proposal. There is a lot of known and builder validator that are waiting for a seat to validate on the persistence ecosystem.
It might be a good moment to add this amount of new seats, they will strongly add value to the project and get more attention on the chain.

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Persistence has been amoung very few projects where the community has been so strong. Max available tokens are staked and now after increasing the circulating supply by 5x and many projects either launched our about to go live. Having more validators onboard will definately.

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Thanks for putthing this together @Cosmostation. The reasons mentioned above are valid and we will be more than happy to support this proposal. But currently the staking is overly centralized and more than 40% of the stake is still with foundation nodes and top 14 validators control more than 67% of the network stake. If increasing the validator set to 75 would allow decentralization, we believe there should be some plan from team to decentralize this stake and probably remove foundation nodes completely (not 100% sure on their plans with foundation nodes) as the network is already matured and stable. If there’s not such plan to push stake decentralization, we see no great value in increasing validator set too.

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I think it will be only good for the Network!
More validators - more Decentralization - more value in the Network!

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I agree to the proposal.50 Validators almost rule out individual nodes

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I support the proposal, it would be great for decentralization of the network.

This proposal would be great for the network.

I agree to the proposal completely, aligns with the mission to decentralize the network.

more validators are always a great thing for the network going forward, I Agree to the proposal.

Thanks @Cosmostation for putting this up, More Validators would definitely add value to Persistence.

I am completely agree with what @anilcse said. We have this problem in most of the our eco-system projects. But by this proposal , I hope we able to get our network stake will be distributed.

Hey @anilcse
Thanks for bringing this up. The foundation already has plans to decentralize the network by delegating tokens from foundation nodes to validators that add value to the network.

The goal with the foundation nodes was always to shut them down one by one as the network matures over time.

We have had internal discussions around this and one of the foundation nodes will be shut down once this proposal goes through and the stake will be delegated across high-quality value additive Validators.


I agree to the proposal. Definitely this would add more value to the network. By this network will become more decentralized and secured.

Sounds awesome! I’m always happy to hear that Persistence ecosystem is growing so fast. It’s such a great achievement. To have a more secure network environment, I think increasing the number of validators from 50 to 75 seems good. It’s not the radical increase and the new validators will contribute to Persistence ecosystem more and more. I’m excited to hear this news.

Sounds great. The more decentralized the better.

This will be great for the network