(Governance Proposal) - Incentivize a XPRT/UST pool with the XPRT Community Pool

Hey guys,

Psycho Node has been a validator for Persistence for the past six months, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching the project accomplish many key milestones. The Persistence team has delivered pStakefinance, Comdex, and assetMantle - all with great execution.

Although the Persistence ecosystem has grown at a strong pace, $XPRT has lagged behind. The team has done an excellent job at avoiding traditional marketing tactics that can cheapen the brand, but that also means that they may be lacking in general brand awareness.

To foster organic growth, and to benefit from some of the incredible momentum that Osmosis has recently had, I strongly believe that one of the best ways to organically grow some visibility is making $XPRT one of the most liquid assets on Osmosis.

I saw Tushar’s tweet and figured it can be incredibly beneficial for the XPRT community to incentivize the XPRT/UST pool with the $XPRT Community Pool. Exposing $UST holders to attractive APYs can bring fresh interest and buyers in to the project.

Here’s the thought:

Users/LPs bonding their XPRT/UST LP token for 14 days on Osmosis will be incentivized through the community pool’s 530,000 XPRT.

Distribution: ~5888 XPRT/Per day or ~$29,444(@ $5) per day for 90 days.

Would love to hear feedback and suggestions from the community and fellow validators on this.



High Time. Persistence incentivise the Osmosis pool…
Great idea. Needed boost for the XPRT

This sounds like a great proposal. I’m all in.

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Would like to see this happen.
If you could also mention the details of multisig address and people involved in this discussion.


This is a great idea. This way we can increase the liquidity for $XPRT.

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