Help Request - Redeeming Tokenized Shares

Hi All,

In an attempt to migrate my XPRT to 118, I followed the “coin-type-migration-from-750-to-118” guide; however, I keep encountering the following message when I attempt to redeem my tokenized XPRT:
“out of gas in location: ReadFlat; gasWanted: 752000, gasUsed: 752949: out of gas”.
I’ve attempted to use the gas fee work around suggest earlier in the ‘coin-type-migration-from-750-to-118’ guide, as well as setting the fees to ‘high’, but to no avail.

Any guidance that can be provided would be very much appreciated.


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Using keplr?
After the pop up comes, click on the Transaction fee setting and try increase Gas Amount from 752000 to 1000000 or higher, you can keep using low/medium fee.

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Hi Puneet,
Looks like 10000000 finally didi the trick.
All good.
Thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate it.

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