Help Request - Redeeming Tokenized Shares

Hi All,

In an attempt to migrate my XPRT to 118, I followed the “coin-type-migration-from-750-to-118” guide; however, I keep encountering the following message when I attempt to redeem my tokenized XPRT:
“out of gas in location: ReadFlat; gasWanted: 752000, gasUsed: 752949: out of gas”.
I’ve attempted to use the gas fee work around suggest earlier in the ‘coin-type-migration-from-750-to-118’ guide, as well as setting the fees to ‘high’, but to no avail.

Any guidance that can be provided would be very much appreciated.



Using keplr?
After the pop up comes, click on the Transaction fee setting and try increase Gas Amount from 752000 to 1000000 or higher, you can keep using low/medium fee.

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Hi Puneet,
Looks like 10000000 finally didi the trick.
All good.
Thanks for your quick response. I really appreciate it.

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Hi Puneet

i don’t have transaction fee options ,