How to choose a wallet for XPRT

Im brand new to XPRT and want to store on trezor or ledger and stake.
What is the difference between the wallets?
Persistence One suggests 3 wallets, none of the the Persistence wallet & I also see a Citadel wallet.

Is there an article on this?
Is there a best solution?

Also I read a few threads about having to upgrade to a different wallet to work with ledger.
Is there a wallet that has already made that upgrade

Many thanks

Hi there,
Kindly go through this tutorial which will help you to navigate with ledger wallet.

We recently had coin type migration which was from 750 Coin type to 118.
Here is tutorial for it.

There is also tutorial if you like to use Persistence native wallet with ledger.

New wallets created on Persistence are already with new coin type so no need to go through migration process.

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Many thanks Vishal. I am grateful