Increase Minimum Validator Fee to 5%

Very low commission rates are typically not profitable for validators and are only used to gain delegations from stakeholders. Once these delegations are gained there is nothing to stop the validator from increasing their commission rate. Most stakeholders do not typically undelegate once they have delegated to a validator and for this reason I believe the validator gains an unfair advantage over other validators who do not have a sizable delegator set. This creates a risk for validators with small delegations to be potentially running at a loss, is unhealthy and does not encourage decentralization.

Seems like in this forum nobody answer the questions except when they are enforcing something on to us like a good politicians, if this helps i think the same about this topic.

Hello Ilildur,

Have answered your questions on other forum posts. But please let me know if you have anything else specific. I am happy to address them.

Also, minimum comission rate is a subject to be discussed by the validators and if there is enough support for the minimum commission, I encourage a smaller validator to put a proposal on chain.

I’ve shared my thoughts on this topic in the post below: