Introduce stk/stk pools for Dexter to provide sustainable liquidity

Why not introduce pools like stkOSMO/stkSTARS , stkATOM/stkSTARS and later stkXPRT/stkSTARS?
The current situation is, that without extrenal incentives it is not profitable to provide liquidity to pools like STARS/stkSTARS. Only half of the pooled tokens earn yield and the earned fees are very low at the moment, so normal staking would be more profitable.
Intruducing pools where both pooled tokens earn yield are more sustainable and can work even without external incentives.

edit1: Because we are on Dexter, it would make sense to pair all stkTokens to the main currency stkXPRT. stkXPRT/stkATOM, stkXPRT/stkSTARS …

edit2: If you want to swap STARS/XPRT on Dexter it is almost impossible at the moment, because the pool has low liquidity because its not profitable to provide liquidity, so you would go to Osmosis instead.
With an highliy liquid stkXPRT/stkSTARS pool, you could take the swaproute on Dexter XPRT/stkXPRT => stkXPRT/stkSTARS => stkSTARS/STARS, bringing lots of trading volume to Dexter, increase demand for XPRT, while deliver competetative swap rates.