Liquid Migration Module Status

The blog has gone silent on the liquid migration tool. The release date of 3Q 2022 has passed. The links and docs are now empty regarding new details of this migration path. It seems cosmos github library has it but I’m not a programmer to utilize that. I know we have until 4Q 2023 to migrate and manually doing it is an option. I’m sure everyone is building, Can we please get some updated material in the docs on linked in the web wallets so those of us waiting for a quality control tested tool don’t feel we have been forgotten? Please tell us if we need to migrate manually or the team has changed the migration path sand this tool is no longer a goal.

LiquidstakingWG is the group setting the standard for the cosmos chain. It’s code contributions stopped 1 year ago.

Then I found it on GitHub - iqlusioninc/liquidity-staking-module.
Iqlusion is the group coding the base module which others are adopting to their chain and purpose. And code contribution seem to stop at about 4 months ago. Correction there were 2 updates last month.

So we seem to be waiting on the code to be finalized and then adopted by the XPRT team. Is this correct?

Hi there, i will tag team member to answer your question here.
@madhursatija can you please help to answer this question?
Thank you.

liquid staking work in cosmos-sdk EPIC: Liquid staking · Issue #13073 · cosmos/cosmos-sdk · GitHub
it’s being tracked here.
regardless initated here - Snapshot