Migration for Ledger Users staking on Persistence Wallet

Hello Community, I am currently staking XPRT with Ledger on Persistence Wallet.

Has the Suggested Migration been released for transferring over from 750 to 118 coin-type.
It says it would be released Q3 2022. We are in Q4 now.

I don’t want to unbond for 21 days and miss out on rewards.

Is there a current solution to transfer over from 750 - 118 coin type with out unbonding using Ledger on persistence wallet?


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No there is not, someone asked yesterday in telegram and the only way as of now is to unbond and send over to a new wallet that uses the ledger cosmos app vs persistence app which will be obsolete by the end of 2024. I unbonded and transferred mine to get it over with myself a month ago.

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As of now its okay even if you dont do anything
Best to stay tune to the announcements channel if team releases a way for staked tokens for coin migration.
Team will also announce once deadline is near and migration is must for users.
So best to wait for now.

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