My balance shows"0.00"?

My balance shows “0.00” balance when I login? I get a warning that the 750 wallet will deprecate Dec. 2024 when the switch from 750 to 118 happens. What happened to my coins? How do I see them again?

You can login using the old wallet path m/44’/750’/… and you should see your tokens. If they are not staked, you can transfer them to the new address (the one with path m/44’/118’/…)

Basically mnemonics are used to derive an account address (public key) based on a few parameters, including the coin type. By end December 2024 the support for accounts derived with coin type 750 will deprecate, so by then users will have to have switched and moved their tokens to addresses derived by the 118 cointype. Until then, users can still use both, but are recommended to use 118 wherever possible.

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Simply can click on 750 type or 118 coin type option.
This should solve the problem of balance visibility.

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