Opening my wallets with Keystore file and it now shows 2 wallets (1 of which I do not own?)

Am logging into my wallets and use Keystore. It gives 2 options to click on. Each have their own wallet path and address - 1 of the choices is mine and the other choice is unrecognizable to me so why is that? It makes you select 1 or the other by clicking on a box. Is this safe that another address and wallet path is showing up that is not mine?

If you put attention at log in you noticed there is two path derivations to your address one is 118 and the other is your legacy address 750 path, the 118 was derived using your existing 750 address so is the same in a different path.

@CC123 unless you are using ledger, all wallets created before v3 upgrade happened on 8th September should be 750 coin-type.

It is safe that other address shows with 118 coin-type, just continue using 750 (will request to transfer tokens out to a 118 coin-type address before the deprecation date )

Ah ok, thanks so much.

Maybe I’m just being silly here but when I log on with keystore on iPhone 6S, chrome browser, it shows me the addresses to both wallets but doesn’t let me select which one to view, it automatically selects the 118 wallet…