Proposed Liquid Stake XPRT

Hi all, i would like to know you opinion about liquid stake XPRT now that LSM is live for ATOM, in my opinion the most obvious benefits are:

    • With the LSM live to XPRT many investors myself included can be able to move the funds in efortless manner between coin types and wallets and liquid stake those without unbonding and loose rewards for 21 days.
    • The investors don’t have to rely only in staking rewards an can leverage their positions with lp rewards an diversify on others projects.
    • The real TVL will be reflected once the STKXPRT is live because so much people are traped in the old coin type, whit no option to benefit except for staking rewards, adding sell presure to the market.
  1. Many more would like to add liquidity with ATOM as example but are waiting for XPRT because they want capital eficiency in this asset.

This are some considerations, feel free to add more and discuss some of them, thanks.

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