Redeeming Tokenised Shares

So I’m in a Geo Blocked country and I’ve set up my new Keplr wallet. I’ve got to the second to last step and I’m now trying to redeem my tokens to complete the transaction. It is saying insufficient transaction fee and won’t let me approve it. I’ve tried changing the fee and it still won’t work. Any ideas how to rectify this?

Can you please try increasing the gas amount to something like 750000 and selecting the high fee option?

Please ensure you have some liquid XPRT to pay for transaction fees. Thanks!

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Right. I haven’t got any liquid XPRT. That’s probably why it’s not working.

Sorted now. Thank you.

I have set up a cosmostation wallet and have claimed the ixprt to that wallet from the persistance one wallet. Is there a way I can send convert it to XPRT.

Simply login to pWallet, navigate to Tokenized Shares, and click on ‘Redeem’ to convert it back to staked XPRT tokens.

While redeeming the staked XPRT tokenized shares in native Persistence Web wallet I mistakenly hit ‘send’ to mew Kepler waller address instead of hitting ‘redeem’?
Did not receive the tokenized shares in the new Kepler wallet. Are the shares lost or will I need to wait the 21 days to unstake?

The tokenized shares should be received in the new Keplr address for you to redeem directly.

Can you pls share more info about this in the Persistence One Community Telegram Chat so that we can help you out actively here?


How can I unstake i have no pwallet dashboard becuase im in geo block zone.

I got also e Question iam not from a Geo blockt country but I was in the 750 chain and had to Change to The 118 chain by using keppler wallet.

Unfortunately my validator also went quite so i switch validator and transfert all to The keppler wallet Validator was and is it was at top top list and best. It got stored under there name in my wallet why is that. When I transfers it back I was dumm enough to transfer it Again to The 750 chain, to dumm for words. Thought I erazed it but nothing was true about that. But now I see there is a option to easly transfer it to The 118 chain, but here I ran against a wall. In my Persistant wallet Total amount section is wat I have, but the available Amount section is showing a way less amount, the staked Amount section is showing the Same as the Tatal amount section offcourse. By transfering it to The 118 chain it only sees the available amount how do I fix it. Thanks in advance for helping.

P.S. What is Liquid xprt and how do I make it, Iread about it in a previous help quistion above.