The balance on the address does not match the calculations for transfers in transactions

For reporting, I need to upload data on all transactions and transfers at the address. If you calculate the balance by unloading all the transfers and adding up, the result is very different from what is displayed in any explorer. I also manually wrote out and added each transaction. The result was exactly the same. At the address only “Receive” and “Send” transactions. address = persistence1w60erymfukw8wh6ktzclsv9p40qmztll7ra2ne.

Hi there, can you please elaborate the question?
If you are trying to report your taxes then there are many subscriptions you can buy online which will do the work for you.

Hello. No, it’s not for taxes. I need to upload transaction data for multiple addresses. It is also necessary that the balances calculated for transactions match the balances displayed in the explorer.

Let me tag team member to help you with this.
@puneet can you please look into this?

I see only send and receive are done via this account.
Also there are some pstake IBC tokens.
Are you sure you have counted the transaction fees and ibc movement of tokens and excluded failed txns?