[Param Change] Decrease voting period for proposals


Any decisions to be taken on the Persistence chain require a proposal to be sent on-chain. This forum post aims to discuss the idea of shortening the voting period from 14 to 7 days, before submitting a proposal on chain.

Current situation

Currently the voting period is 14 days. This blocks implementation of proposals for 14 days, which is a long time to introduce important changes. E.g., in case of upgrading to cosmosSDK v44 -due to 14 days of voting period- the upgrade was on halt even after successful deployment on testnet.

The upcoming upgrades and changes that can be expected in the next 2-3 months are:

  • cosmos-sdk upgrade to 46,
  • tendermint upgrade to 35
  • liquid staking (pstake)
  • proposals for adding new chains or liquid staking
  • increasing block params to accommodate for the requests
  • cosmwasm integration,
  • interchain accounts.

Although some might be clubbed in releases, the idea is to have good functionalities released to the chain rather quickly.


Send out a parameter change proposal for the Persistence chain, that will reduce the voting period from 14 to 7days.

I agree with this proposal as @puneet mentioned, this one makes critical upgrades/decisions even faster for the community.

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Cros-nest On discord chat link:
Decreasing voting period to one week sounds reasonable. Should still give enough time to vote for validators and allows faster progress.