[Param Change] Increase Deposit Amount for adding Proposals


Any decisions to be taken on the Persistence chain requires a proposal to be sent on-chain. Each proposal currently requires a deposit of 512 XPRT. This forum post aims to discuss the idea of increasing the deposit amount from 512 to 1000 XPRT, before submitting a proposal on chain.

Current Situation

Currently 512 XPRT are required for deposit, which comes to about ~$1600. To avoid spam proposals to be added on chain, we propose to increase this requirement to 1000 XPRT, in line with some of the other bigger chains in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Moreover, if the proposal about reducing the voting period would pass, increasing the deposit amount would be an extra measure of caution to protect the chain from spam or scam proposals to be passed.


Send out a parameter change proposal for persistence chain, that will increase the deposit amount from 512 to 1000 XPRT

Cros-nest On discord chat link:
No strong opinion on increasing deposit amount. Not sure if it makes big difference for those who would spam with current amount but would not spam with higher amount. But either way is fine by me.